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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

And we’re back…

A fair number of years back, we took a crack at blogging about the movies the family watched together on a weekly basis.

Originally, the idea was that writing responsibility would switch between family members but, like many things kid related, family attention moved onto other things.  So while the older boy traveled through 4H, Boy Scouts, Frisbee, clarinet and – now college visits, the younger one has become a serious film buff and pretty terrific writer, ready to share his opinions with fellow film lovers.  And so, Movie Night Review is back in action with weekly (fingers crossed) reviews of films old and new.

The format will involve one of us (kid or Dad) kicking off a review with the other (Dad or kid) responding.   We’re all a bit older now, so movies we’ll talk about will not just stop at PG but will include anything we’ve watched worth talking about. 

And with that as a lead-in, welcome to the all-new Movie Night Review!

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